First BoldBrows Master of Netherlands

-2015 Make up artist

-2016 Make up artist on "Queen of Ukraine"

-2016 Permanent make up artist

-2017 Phibrows Artist with Ivana Klaric

-2017 PhiLings training with Dr.Zec

-2018 Perfaction BoldBrows with Tatiana Djeric

-2018 Phibrows Royal Artist

-2019 BoldBrows Perfaction with Megy Mensura Hodzic

-2019 BoldBrows Master

-2019 Microneedling Master

Our Customers Choose Us…

Because, frankly, we care. We care about how you look. We care about how you feel, how you are presented to the world! Because we pay attention to details, that others ignore!

Big change starts from small steps. And I  am here to support your dreams..


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